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Bridgerland Audiology and Hearing Aids -  Expect To Hear Better

Hearing Aid Products and Services

We offer many different hearing aid products and services, including:

Hearing Instruments:

Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) (Click Here For Larger Image)
The newest, smallest hearing aids, these are custom-made to fit deeply inside your ear canal so that they are practically invisible.
In-the-Canal (ITC) (Click Here For Larger Image)
These are also custom-made and small enough to fit almost entirely in your ear canal. They can be hardly noticeable.
In-the-Ear (ITE) (Click Here For Larger Image)
These are custom-made hearing aids made to fit within the external ear. They are the most widely recommended style.
Behind-the-Ear (BTE) (Click Here For Larger Image)
These fit snugly behind the ear and are attached to either open ear pieces (open fit) or custom earpiece molded to the shape of your external ear.

Custom Ear Molds:

Bridgerland Audiology will work with you to find the right ear mold to suit your hearing needs.

Tech Seal
Canal Lock
And More!

Custom Ear Plugs:

It is always best to conserve the hearing that you have, so we offer ear plugs and custom molded ear plugs for many different situations and activities. You may also be interested in our illustrated hearing damage sound chart.

Construction Workers
Acoustic Chamber
Hearing Protection
And More!

Assistive Listening Devices:

We offer a wide array of assistive listening devices for all lifestyles and needs. Some examples of assistive listening devices we offer:

Alarm Clocks
Telephone Amplifiers
T.V. Ears
FM Systems
Doorbell aids
Bed Shakers
Relay Telephones
Captel Telephones
And More!

Hearing Aid Batteries:

Rayovac Ultra ProLine premium zinc air hearing aid batteries offer you superior peformance. In fact, it is the World's Longest Lasting Hearing Aid Battery! You can count on Rayovac Ultra ProLine batteries to offer you predictable battery life and consistency - battery to battery.

Special "high power" batteries are no longer required for high drain devices, or those used in loud environments. That’s because ProLine’s standard batteries have been formulated to work in all hearing aids – they deliver up to 50 percent more power than previous "high power" batteries!